The general rules of the ObjectCash

Thank you very much for choosing ObjectCash, we will provide you with free 3D models in this website
In the case of free products, the explanation is that you should first be a member of the site and then easily download the free products you want
:For monetary products, please note the following
Be sure to check the quality of the product, the opinions of other buyers, user feedback, user ratings, online previews, product descriptions, and more
There is no way to regain the value of the purchased products or the charges made in the wallet. Decide ahead of any financial operations
A defective product as well as a product that has a problem will be removed from the site after the approval of the experts in the IMS
If you have a product that contains defective products, you can submit a ticker through your user account and after your review and approval of your ticket, your amount will be refunded
Advertisements for other websites and websites, as well as the use of false and misleading words in the comments section, will be immediately blocked by site experts and the account will be blocked
If you have a complaint regarding a product on the IP-model, you will be logged in to the Complaints Department at the top of the page and send us your comments, and website experts will deal with it as soon as possible.
We are responsible for maintaining your personal information and we will refuse to publish it
The ceiling of damages established by the reference authority for resolving the dispute between the purchaser for each type of service and products is at most equivalent to the cost of paying the product by the buyer, and IMS has no responsibility for any excess compensation for this amount

This agreement is in accordance with international law, and if the laws applicable to us are changed at the national level, the rules of the IMS will also change.