Free 3D object spotlight


Free 3D object spotlight

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 size : 1 MB
 Texture :        
 Material :       

The free 3D flashlight object was designed with a stunning 3dsmax software and rendered with Vray rendering engine.


You dear and dear professional visitors, have the benefit of using this 3D design to play and create 3D animations as well as building facade designs.

Performing a detailed CG architecture requires very high level models.

You have the ability to download 3D objects like this from our rich objectCash website.

This 3D model is of great quality which has the potential to make your 3D design much more powerful.

This object has textures and materials.

Free 3D Spotlight Object for 3Ds Max.

The free 3D dimmer object is available in max format.

Copyright: 3 d66

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