Free 3D model of simple wooden coffee table


Free 3D model of simple wooden coffee table

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Wooden table object from 3dsky pro table and chair vol.02.

Made by TriD Max and very plugin.

Included in the 2018 Tri-Day Sky Objects Peru.

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Distinguished professional 3D artists, you can use this 3D model to play, animate and, of course, 3D render home facades.

Designing a 3D project is incredibly cost-effective and will require highly elaborate 3D objects.

This free 3D model of the simple wooden coffee table enjoys an extremely sophisticated elegance that can greatly enhance your 3D design value.

This object has textures and materials.

3D Model Free Simple Wooden Coffee Table for 3Ds Max.

A free 3D model of a simple wooden coffee table is available in max format.

Copyright: 3 dsky

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