Chloe’s 3D model from Detroit Become Human


Chloe’s 3D model from Detroit Become Human

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 size : 16 MB
 Rigged :          
 Texture :        
 PBR :              
 Material :       
 UVmapping :  
 Polygons :     54,593
 Vertices :     33,278

We put Chloe's 3D model of the Detroit Become Human game to exactly the original quality.

This model is fully sanded and contains the original material and textures of the game manufacturer.

objectCash intends to give you most of the original characters used in computer games.

These models are fully optimized and professionally designed and are very valuable for training and modeling.

* A few tips on using this object:

These objects have been thoroughly inspected and, if crashed, modified by Aimdelles, and are not available on any external site of this quality without any problems.

Keep in mind that the finer details of this character include all parts of the face and all parts of the body and hair for the Capture Motion to use and it is a bit difficult to animate by hand due to its large joints.

It is usually time consuming to open a fbx file due to the large number of joints and so on.

If the size of the joints were large after opening the fbx or dae files and had all the space around the model, you would have to adjust their size in the software settings, these are as follows in Maya software.

Enter the following route:

Window > Settings / Preferences > Preferences > Kinematics

Then change the value of the joints to 0.01.

If you have problems with dea and fbx files you can use obj file. This file is precisely of original quality and is fully standard and can be easily sanded to the core components in less than 3 minutes automatically by tapping on the easy pebble button in Maya.

Copyright: objectCash

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