3dsky simple 3d object object


3dsky simple 3d object object

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 size : 4 MB
 Texture :        
 Material :       

3dsky simple chair object 3d professional design has been published for you dear users.

Built with 3Dsmax and 
 Vray .

Presenting a suitable 3D layout will require very wonderful objects.

Dear Designer CGs, you can use this 3D model to download and play 3D animations as well as 3D building images.

This 3D model design is of great value, which can greatly enhance the value of your project.

You have the ability to download similar 3D objects from our site.

This object has textures and materials.

Simple 3dsky 3d object object for Autodesk FBX and 3Ds Max.

3D simple object 3dsky chair available in fbx and max format.


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