3d object industrial milling cutter

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3d object industrial milling cutter

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 size : 47 MB
 Polygons :     1
 Vertices :     1

We have 3d object  industrial milling cutter from the category of industrial parts today for 3D designers.

This object is designed well and high quality.

Industrial formats, etc. are also available.

This tool is used to build a smooth surface.

Rendered in KeyShot 5.0.99.

3d milling industrial spatial 3d acis milling and SolidWorks CAD and StereoLightography.

Industrial milling object is available with igs, m3d, sat and sldprt, .sldasm, .slddrw, and STEP, and stl and x formats.

Copyright: Dmytro Kotliar

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